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Straitjacket fans!

Since so many people search for “straitjacket” and end up at this website. Let’s give them something to look at :).

Even more photos like this can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/bondage/straitjacket/

I now own a straitjacket!

Myself in a straitjacket 🙂

At long last my straitjacket that I ordered over 1 month ago turned up. I have always wanted to try one out. They are so much fun. Once Rob put me in it, there was no way at all, I could get back out of it. So I guess you will be wanted to know why I have it. Well I will mainly been using it for my Wetsuitlads website. If you want to see some photos of me in it, then click here.

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