Mar 142019

I am going miss seeing the Class 365s trains in Scotland. Since Scotrail is replacing, them all with the new Hitachi Class385 trains, in the next number of weeks.

Jan 072019

I know that most people will not think the same… But I, for one think that Stirling railway station, looks much better, since electrification. It makes it feel, more like a main railway station. Which of course it is, since you can get trains to Aberdeen, Alloa, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and even London!

But it’s going to take me a while getting use to, using a Class 365 running to/from Stirling. Since I’am so use to seeing, them run between London King’s Cross and Peterborough, in the past.

I also for one, think that ScotRail are doing a great job! So nice to see, some of the work, they have and Network Rail, have been doing start, to pay off!


More photos can be found over at

Oct 122018

It’s the first time, that I’ve been back to Stirling railway station, since they started the electrification work!

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