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Passed my driving test 16 years ago!!

WOW! I passed my driving test 16 years ago today! I was very late starting, did not start learning till I was 23 and passed when I was 24! But most people, now learn the second they turn 17. Back then, I had no interest at learning at all! When I was 17, I was way, way to busy coming out and going out on the LGBT scene in Glasgow!

During them 16 years. Only owned two cars, the first being a Seat Ibiza Hatchback 1.4 SXE 5. Then my current car, which is Hyundai i10 Style, which I got back in 2009.

O'Neill Gooru 2/1 Shorti
Orca speedsuit
Stopped while driving back to England
Myself at Old Hunstanton

Thursday – 6th October 2005

I have now owned my Seat Ibiza for 1 year. God it does not feel, like I have had him for that long. I still can’t think of a good name for him. So if you have any good ideas, then please contact me.

Wednesday – 6th October 2004

I am now the proud owner of a R reg Seat Ibiza, Hatchback 1.4 SXE 5 door. It set me back £1,800 which I don’t think is too bad at all for a R reg with 54 thousand miles on the clock. It also comes with power steering, electric front windows, driver airbag and air-conditioning.

It’s not bad at all for my first car. But it’s does feel weird paying a car that I have never driven before or even been inside of it.

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