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Had a fabulous time in Skegness

I would like to thank Adam, Richard and Emilie for a fabulous bank holiday Monday in Skegness. Oh and big thanks Emilie for doing all the driving, oh and the picnic of course!!

Richard, Adam and myself at Skegness

More photos to follow. Once I get a copy of them, from Emilie :D.

More straight lad in straitjacket photos

Since the first two photos, I posted of Richard in the straitjacket went down so well. Here are another two, for you to have fun looking at…

The full set can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/days-out/18-10-2012/

Straight lad from work in straitjacket

You know what it’s like when you waken up in morning and your not fully sure if last night was all a dream. Well it was like that for me, I was sure I had only been dreaming that I got a lad work in my straitjacket.

Here are some photos to show it did really happen!! Next time I need to aim to get him wearing a wetsuit :).

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