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Vinyl: Love, Simon (Soundtrack)

After watching the film, Love, Simon. I really had just to get the soundtrack! Oh and one thing, I did notice about the soundtrack LP. It’s got 13 songs on it, when the one on Amazon Music (streaming platform), only has 10.

Vinyl: Love, Simon (Soundtrack)
Vinyl: Love, Simon (Soundtrack)
Vinyl: Love, Simon (Soundtrack)

Are Busted, still a thing? Yes of course!

People keep, asking me are Busted, still a thing! Yes of course they are!

The “Night Driver” album come out 25 November 2016. This one, has two songs that are not for the kids! Since both “Coming Home” and “Thinking of You” have some bad words in them! LOL!

Night Driver, by Busted

The “Half Way There” album come on 1st February 2019. Think of two favourite songs have to be, “Nineties” and “All My Friends”

Half Way There, by Busted

Amazon vinyl wish list : 26-Nov-2018

I’ve just updated my Amazon vinyl wish list, since Christmas is just around the corner!

So if, any of my amazing friends, family or fans would like get me any? Check out my wish list over at amzn.eu/1fg83RK.

If you can think of any, I really should add to that list! Then comment on this post!

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