Mar 252019

Got to say, that Cooper is one, very, very well travelled dog! You can, see from his photo gallery below! 🙂

Nov 042018

Don’t think, I need to say, just how much, I love Cooper!!! He always makes me smile!


Oct 142015

Can’t believe that it was way back in 2009, we picked up bear from Wood Green. We was a great great part of my life between 14th October 2009 and 19th June 2013. Before we went off to heaven to join, Jimmy and Pebbles.

Bear out his first walk

Sep 182013

Cooper, loves finding wood while out walking, the bigger the better!

May 162012

Gillie the family pet is the love of my life! He’s a West Highland Terrier and so cute and he really does play on it.

Just always hate saying good-bye to him. Since he’s getting old, I know, I may never get to see him again :(.

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