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North Berwick, I will be back!

Funny at first, I only wanted to go to North Berwick, to tick off another railway station! So, I did not really know much about the same at all! But it turns, out I had been once again. When I was about 2 or 3! My Mum and Dad, had great fun showing me the photos! I was like, are you sure that is me?!?!?

Next time, I go to North Berwick. I just need to make sure, he’s during the summer. It was very cold, when Neil I and myself went! Also not helped by the fact, I am still trying to get over the cold/flu bug thing!

We also walked up North Berwick Law, which at only 187 metres may not sound much. But since you are starting from sea level, you do feel the walk to the top! Also not helped by the fact, it was very, very windy!

More photos can be found over at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/days-out/29-12-2018/