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Netflix now on Freesat Freetime

So happy that I can now use Netflix with my Freesat Freetime box! Great to see that Freesat have been working very hard, to bring new services and channels this month! In the last week, they have added Yesterday, Drama and Really. And now Netflix!

I have no idea why people pay $ky, so much a month. When can get so much for free!

Humax HDR-1000S/1TB running, Firmware V 2.02.46
Freesat Freetime, on demand. Before the update.
Netflix on Freesat Freetime
Freesat Freetime, on demand. After the update. Netflix has been added.
Netflix on Freesat Freetime
Netflix loading…
Freesat Freetime home menu, On Demand
Freesat Freetime home menu, On Demand

YouView adds new Internet channels to some boxes

YouView logoSome YouView users are now able to access some of Freeview’s streamed Internet channels in a long-awaited development.

Motors TV on channel 240, Vintage TV on channel 242 and RT Documentary via channel 135 are now available on Humax Retail Boxes and BT YouView boxes.

This is on top of YouView adding the Netflix app a number of weeks back.

More information can be found @ www.a516digital.com/2014/11/youview-adds-three-of-arqivas-connect.html.


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