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Updated National Cycle Network section : 23/05/2014

I have just updated the National Cycle Network sub section of my website. By adding more photos of NCR 74.

I took these photos while driving up to Glasgow on 18th May 2014. I did, of course cycle this section of the National Cycle Network, while doing the End to End cycle, back in August 2009.

I made it to Scotland in good time!

I can’t believe just how good the weather was during the drive up to Killearn today. It was so nice, I had about had the sunroof fully open the whole time.

So good weather also made, me stop a lot and take photos of photos. I took 45 in total. You can check out a small selection of them below.

Driving over the A66

The first four photos are taken while driving over the A66, which is one of my favourite roads in the UK.





B7076 (NCR 74)

The next photos are taken along the B7076, which runs along mainly next to the A74(M). I use this road, mainly to get me off the motorway for a while. Also love this road, since I used it while doing the End to End cycle back in August 2009. Since National Cycle Route 74 (NCR 74) follows the road.





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