Jun 122018

WOW! That sure was a great 64.79 mile cycle! Making it by far the longest cycle of the year so far!

But one bad thing did happen during the cycle… That was finding a dead dog in the middle of the road! Which, I of course picked up and took over to the side of the road. Then called the police (on 101 – The police non-emergency number), to let them know! Still really, really unset about it! With being a dog loving, it did really get to me!

At least, I did the right thing, sure most people would just have cycled, drove or walked past. Not me!

You can check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/athletes/11925537


Sep 062016

That sure was a great 48.34 mile cycle! Making it one for the longest cycles of the year! Only down side, is only got the time for maybe one more cycle this month. Since I am off to Scotland on Thursday, then going to Cyprus for two weeks. So will be bike less, till I get back at the end of the month!

Knowing that, I am not going to get much more cycling in before the end of the month, did make me want to get a long one in today!

Like normal you can check out my route on, Strava @ www.strava.com/activities/702636504.

Jul 142015

I can’t believe that these photos date back to 2008! It just about, still feels like yesterday. When Mike, my boyfriend of the time and myself cycling in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, while wearing our sexy lycra gear.

Cycling in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park
Cycling in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Also filmed this short vlog at the same time! Which to date, has had 46,769 views!

Apr 242015

I have just updated the National Cycle Network sub section of my website. By adding a new section for NCR 71.

I took these photos while on holiday, in Lake District.


Apr 072015

Just can’t believe, what a great time, I had in the Lake District. The weather could not have been better! Even got sun burnt, which is not a good thing. That just shows how warm it was!

So here are some photos from day 3 (last day) in the Lake District.

The first three are some around the village we stayed in…

The next ones are from the Keswick Railway Path, which runs from Keswick to Threlkeld. If you are ever in the area, I would recommend it! Check out www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/visiting/thingstodo/walking/mileswithoutstiles/mws37 for more information :).


The full set of these photo’s can be found @ www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/sets/72157651372193337/.

Mar 042015

I have just updated the National Cycle Network sub section of my website. By adding more photos of NCR 1.

I took these photos while on holiday, in Berwick-upon-Tweed.


Jul 312014

I had to drive all the way to and from Bristol today! So a round trip of around 350 miles! That may not sound a long drive, but driving one way to, see my family up in Scotland is only 316 miles.

It was great being back in the Bristol area again. Only ever been once before and that was back in August 2009, while doing the End to End cycle.

So first of all, I had to drive to Severn Bridge. Then find somewhere to park, so I could walk over it! This shows how good my memory is. I did not look at a map once and could remember all the roads. So parked a road, on the English side of the Bridge. Then walked over it! I walked on the side that forms part of the national cycle network (route 4). So the other side, that I used while doing the End to End cycle.







More photos from this set can be found @ www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/sets/72157646028085596/ (Severn Bridge set) and www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/sets/72157639838635905/ (National cycle network set).

May 232014

I have just updated the National Cycle Network sub section of my website. By adding more photos of NCR 74.

I took these photos while driving up to Glasgow on 18th May 2014. I did, of course cycle this section of the National Cycle Network, while doing the End to End cycle, back in August 2009.





May 182014

I can’t believe just how good the weather was during the drive up to Killearn today. It was so nice, I had about had the sunroof fully open the whole time.

So good weather also made, me stop a lot and take photos of photos. I took 45 in total. You can check out a small selection of them below.

Driving over the A66

The first four photos are taken while driving over the A66, which is one of my favourite roads in the UK.





B7076 (NCR 74)

The next photos are taken along the B7076, which runs along mainly next to the A74(M). I use this road, mainly to get me off the motorway for a while. Also love this road, since I used it while doing the End to End cycle back in August 2009. Since National Cycle Route 74 (NCR 74) follows the road.





Apr 212014

Today Mark and myself set off to the Monsal Trail yet again! This time we parked at (Topley Pike layby on the A6) then walked down 1 in 5 hill to the start/end of the Monsal Trail at Wyedale. We then walked a good 7 miles to the Headstone Viaduct. Which of course did meant we had to walk the whole way back again! We did really notice that 1 in 5 whole walking back up to to the car!

I will now leave you with some of the many photos I took!





Lime kilns


Miller's Dale Viaducts


Headstone Viaduct

More photos from this set can be found @ www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/sets/72157644134635872/.

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