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Well pleased with my bedside light!

Well pleased with my new bedside light! Believe it or not, it’s the first one I have ever owned! When I was a kid, had a wall light. I looked all over the place for a light, that I liked. I wanted one that was nice and small for my bedside table. Got this one from ebay (seller speedytradelighting) for £19.99. It’s a touch lamp, so nice and easy to turn on and off.  It’s also a 4 stage touch dimmer – off, low, medium, bright.


Got the new IKEA wardrobes up!

Got the new IKEA wardrobes up! Got to say I am well pleased with them! Just wish my room, could take more of them. They are already FULL! That’s even have getting binning lots of clothes that I never wear any more.

Do love having all my, Lycra cycling shorts, skinsuits and wetsuits (yep even motorcycle leathers) all hanging up in the same place.


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