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Thursday – 17th July 2003

In the morning I started work on a new website called Sports Sunday, it can be found at sports-sunday.co.uk. So why is it called Sports Sunday ? I hear you ask. It’s called that people a group of people that I work with at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, have a get together to place sports most Sunday’s. So they all it Sports Sunday, I have good name indeed, if you ask me.

Then in the afternoon I sorted out some of my other website’s. Before going to Morrisons to get some food for tonight and the week ahead.

In the evening Matthew come around. It was great to see him again, I have not seen much of him since Sunday. Mainly because he has been doing lots of studying this week and has had a lot going on at home. Which I can’t speak about to much. While he was here we had a good long chat about everything, that has happened this week. And also watched Harry Potter on video. Not my video, I must add because I only get DVD’s.

I think that my chat with Mathew really helped. He went home looking at lot happier then do did when he got here. Try not too worry to much Matthew, things will sort themselves out in the end.