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My main highlights of 2021…

Here are my main highlights from 2021 so far… Overall been a great year!

Mark G, Cooper and myself at Berney Arms railway station

  • Got a new job, after being out work since September 2020 (Lost that after just 3 months).
  • Got to see my friend Mark T for first time, in a long time!
  • Got to see my Mum, Dad and brother Douglas for first time, since January 2020.
  • Walked around Rutland Water, with Emilie.
  • Got another new job…. Which I am still doing now and LOVING IT!
  • Walked a total of 1,000 miles, yet again!
  • Ticked off Berney Arms railway station, which has been on list to do for a long time!
  • Went up to Scotland! Was great seeing the rest of my family and catching up with Neil!
  • Did the Borders Railway Line (Ticked off each and every station on the line!)
  • Cycled just over 3,000 miles!

Sure, I will have missed many off! Just been a super busy year!

InterCity 125 passes Elton and Orston railway station

Today Mark T and myself went to Elton and Orston railway station, which is the least used station in Nottinghamshire. To watch the one of the Summer Saturday HST specials to Skegness.

Mark T and myself at Elton and Orston railway station
InterCity 125 passing Elton and Orston railway station
InterCity 125 passing Elton and Orston railway station

Favourite photos from March 2020

Here are my favourite photos from March 2020. Think, I will start doing this every month, what do you all think?

Myself at Melton Mowbray railway station
Myself at Melton Mowbray railway station
Mark T and myself somewhere in Wales
Mark T and myself somewhere in Wales
Myself at Swansea railway station
Myself at Swansea railway station
2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit
2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit

Check out www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/page/archive/2020-03/ for all my other photos from March 2020.

Elton and Orston railway station ✅

Mark T and myself can now tick off Elton and Orston railway station. Which I believe, is the least used railway station in Nottinghamshire. In 2017/18 the annual rail passenger usage was only 138.

Elton and Orston railway station
Mark T and myself Elton and Orston railway station

More photos can be found over at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/railway-stations/elton-and-orston/

Had a great afternoon in Notts

That sure was a great afternoon in Nottingham, with Mark T! For me, is was a trip down memory lane, since I lived in Nottingham for a while, way back in 2001! When I was dating a lad called David! I really had, forgotten was a nice city, Nottingham is!

It was also great fun using the Nottingham Trams, for only the second time! Need to go back again, really soon and use them again!

More photos from this set can be seen at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/days-out/18-09-2018/

Had a great time in Skegness

I met up with my friend Mark T (not not my house mate, this is another Mark), who got a LNER train service from, King’s Cross at 1:06pm, which got into Grantham at 2:19pm. Then we got the East Midlands Trains, which left Grantham at 2:27 and got us in Skegness at around 4:56pm.

Then we had a good walk around, took many photos, had some food before getting the 6:14pm service back to Grantham. Then we waited around at Grantham rail station, till Mark’s next train to London, which turned up at 8:19pm.

We had so much fun! Already planning our next railway trip!

Had a great day cycling with a mate

Today I met up with a friend that I have been chatting to on the net for year and years… But till today, never got around to meeting up. It was great to get to meet you at long last Mark.

While he was here, both both had good look around Stamford. When he first got here, we went to Marks & Spencer to get some food. Then after that we went cycle to Burghley House. Then we cycled to Tallington to watch some train go nice on the ECML. Then after that we did some more cycling around the place. Before cycling back to Stamford, where we stopped at The Tobie Norris, we were hopping to get there, but did not start food service till 6pm. So we just had a nice drink and chat there, before going to Ask, which was lucky doing food. Big thanks to Mark, for picking up the bill. I will make sure I pay the next time. Then after the meal, we cycled around for a bit longer before he got the train back down to London town. So thanks once again to Mark for a fun filled day.

If you want to see the full cycle we did. Here is the map from the cycle :).