Aug 052018

Funny that you can more just 4 miles west and you end up cycling in totally, different places! I now cycle in Rutland and Leicestershire, a lot more. Since Rutland, is not even half a mile down the road, then Leicestershire is just a, wee bit after that!

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Market Overton
Market Overton

Oct 122014

That’s yet another UK Heritage railway line off my list! This time Great Central Railway – Nottingham.

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Aug 242014

Had great evening looking around Foxton Locks, with Mark and of course Cooper :).


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May 252014

Another holiday weekend, can only mean one thing. Yep you guessed it! Another heritage railway line. This time Mark G and myself did The Battlefield Line Railway.

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May 052014

Mark and myself had a great day at the Great Central Railway. We parked the car at Rothley Station, then got the train to Loughborough Central, then another train to Quorn & Woodhouse Station. Then walked back to Rothley Station with Cooper :).

So had a great bank holiday weekend. Done two heritage railways. North Yorkshire Moors Railway yesterday and Great Central Railway today. Now to think what line(s) we will do during the next bank holiday weekend :).

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Mar 162014

I had a great afternoon at the Great Central Railway. Only had the time to from Loughborough Central station to Quorn & Woodhouse station. Then we walked back to Loughborough Central station with the dog to where, we parked the car.

Lucky the dog, did mind being on the train at all. So next time, we go. We can do more of the line :).

I will leave, you with some photos, I took!

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