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Had a great afternoon with Neil in Glasgow!

Had a great afternoon in Glasgow… Well once, we found somewhere to park! Ended up driving around a lot… Then Neil was like, let’s park at Old Glasgow Transport Museum. Which worked out well. Plus just a short walk to the Kelvinhall subway station.

Oh and yes, Glasgow has a underground light metro system. Which opened on 14 December 1896, it is the fourth-oldest underground rail transit system in Europe after the London Underground, Liverpool’s Mersey Railway and the Budapest Metro.

Right back to afternoon in Glasgow. We just spend most of afternoon walking around. Doing lots of window shopping. But Neil, did get stuff in HMV. I had to stop myself, from getting stuff in the Lego Store.

We also went to The Crystal Palace, to get food! Yes, it’s a Wetherspoons!

Kelvinhall subway station

Partick subway station

Neil and myself making the most of the rain!