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Now running Fedora 32

Fedora logoThat’s me now running Fedora 32, which is Linux based operating system, which I’ve not used since around 2009, when it was on version 11 (Leonidas). Since the lockdown started here in the UK. I’ve been wanting to learn new skills. So learning now to use Linux all over again is a great start!

Of course, I will still be mainly running Windows 10. I’ve installed Fedora 32 on a 64GB USB memory stick. Just want to get use to using it again! See what things, I can remember from when I last used it!

I went for the Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop spin. The default version is GNOME, which I did try once and was not a good fan of it! Maybe, I will need to get another USB memory stick and also give that a go again!

So does anyone else on here use Linux? If so what version to use? Any good software you would recommend I try out?

P.S. Yes I did this update, using Fedora 32 🙂