Feb 172018

Come on then? Who’s seen the new Justin Bieber photos?!?!? If you have not seen them, you are really missing out!!! I would love to give him, a good service!! 🙂

Apr 202017

Since it’s Record Store Day 2017 this Saturday, here is a look back to the very small collection, I had by around this time last year!! I will of course, post a new photo of my collection on Saturday! Let’s just say, it’s growing a lot since then!!

Record Store Day 2016!

Jun 012016

Here are two photos of Justin Bieber wearing a wetsuit! Thanks so much Justin Bieber for posting these on Instagram! 🙂

Justin Bieber wetsuit
Justin Bieber wetsuit

Apr 162016

Since it’s Record Store Day! Here is photo of my very small record collection so far..

Record Store Day 2016!

Mar 312016

Yes, I don’t care. The very first record I got, to go with my new record player is… Purpose, by Justin Bieber.

I am looking forward to very slowing building up record collection. It’s going to be a fun new hobby.

Purpose, by Justin Bieber

Jun 172015

I am more popular than Justin Bieber, well on my facebook fan page anyway! My new facebook fan header has had 8 likes. While Justin Bieber in Lycra and topless only had 6 likes…


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