Jan 182019

Just to remind every one, I am on Instagram. Right now, I only have 1,504 followers! Let’s see, if we up that number! Check me out at www.instagram.com/gordonval/.

Jan 112019

Make sure you follow Georseny on Instagram! He’s 21, gay and looks so good in Lycra!

Jan 112019

Make sure you follow the thespidercouple on Instagram. They do post some great photos!

Nov 082018

I will no longer be using flickr. This is due, is them changing the free accounts. Right now, you can post up to 1 TB of photos, from January 2019, you only post up to 1,000 photos! Which is nothing at all. Since right now, I have over 6,000 photos on it!

If I want to keep all my photos on it, I have to pay for it (Since, I host them all on my website)! Which is never going to happen!

So, if you love any of my photos over on flickr, I would download them while you can….

So head over to www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/ to download any of my photos!

P.S. I can’t see flickr being about much longer! When they are so many other great places to post photos…. Like Instagram, which, I will still of course be using! Check me out over at www.instagram.com/gordonval/.

Sep 122018

I would recommend that you follow Chris Peltzer on both Instagram and Strava. Since you get to see photos like this!

Aug 212018

Jay Thompson wearing a wetsuit, could do with, being just a wee bit tighter…

Jul 232018

So glad that Jay Thompson, did not wear shorts over the top of the wetsuit, like his mate Brinn Bevan!

Jul 092018

Out of these two hot lads wearing wetsuits, which one would you choose? Andres Camilo or Max Emerson?

May 192018

Brinn Bevan does look great in that tight wetsuit. But two things let the photo down, one he’s sitting down and the other he’s wearing shorts over the of his wetsuit.

May 042018

azpeterparker has to be one of the best looking and most fun Spiderman cosplayers on Instagram FACT! That wee dance he does is SUPER HOT!

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