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Look Instagram stop removing my photos!

In the last two weeks, Instagram has removed at least two of my photos! They never tell you, which ones. Just get a notification, when you first go to the app, saying they have removed something!

This reason, is why hosting your own work, is always the best way to go! Also means, I have full control over my own work! Due to this, I’ve cut down on what, I am been posting to Instagram!

This website, will always be the best place to see my photos!

So check out my photo gallery, where you can see over 8,000 photos!

Just one more sleep and Nick is here! :)

Just one more sleep and Nick is here! Friday not much planed at all, since I am to work. Saturday (if weather is good), will be a long cycle. Then on Sunday, we’re off to Scotland!

The best place for updates, will be over on Instagram at www.instagram.com/gordonval

Will, also try posting some updates on Facebook over at www.facebook.com/gordonval/

Another reason why you have to follow jacobscottfitness

If you don’t, already follow jacobscottfitness on Instagram, here is another reason why, you need to follow him!

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