Jan 092018

I think I’ve saved the best for last! Maybe it’s just this video that I love! I can’t stop looking at something!! LOL! Check him out on Instagram at www.instagram.com/knight_spidey/

Here are also some photos…

Jan 092018

You really need to check out and follow azpeterparker on Instagram!! He’s one super cute lad!

Jan 092018

You really need to check out and follow theonlyinleb on Instagram!!

Jan 082018

Tom Holland playing golf, while wearing his very sexy Spider-Man costume. If this was the new golf uniform. I would sure, take it up!

In-between shots. Name this scene. #spidermanhomecoming #golffashion

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Dec 102017

I’ve had a good 2017 over on my Instagram profile! Remember to check out my profile at www.instagram.com/gordonval/

Oct 182017

That’s me just setup a new account on Instagram to with my www.endtoend-cycle.com website!

Please follow it over at www.instagram.com/endtoendcycle.

Mar 062017

My Instagram has now been overtaken with lot’s and lot’s of photos of my fast growing vinyl collection! At one point, it was manly used just for Lycra and wetsuit photos! Not any more! But don’t worry, I will still be posting photos of myself in tight gear!! LOL! 😛

Remember you can check me out @ www.instagram.com/gordonval/

Jun 012016

Here are two photos of Justin Bieber wearing a wetsuit! Thanks so much Justin Bieber for posting these on Instagram! 🙂

Justin Bieber wetsuit
Justin Bieber wetsuit

Apr 272016

Andrea Locatelli is so HOT in his motorcycle leathers and Lycra!


Mar 242016

Andrea Locatell looks so HOT in Lycra and his Moto3 leathers! Make sure you can him out @ www.instagram.com/locatelliandrea/.




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