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Glad my car is back on the road!

That’s my car back on the road, after getting a flat tyre on the way work, Friday night!

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Vlog: Driving through the Clyde Tunnel

Myself driving through the Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow. From Whiteinch to Linthouse. At some point, I also really need to get my Lycra on and cycle through it! Using the cycleway and a pedestrian path that runs below each of the vehicle tunnels. Bad that I have never done it, since I grow up near to Glasgow!

For more information about the Clyde Tunnel check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clyde_Tunnel.

Saturday – 17th October 2009

I went to Cooks Hyundai garage in Peterborough, to pick up my new Hyundai i10 Style, that I ordered from them on the 17th September. It set me back £6,755. it would have been £8,855. If it was not for the UK Government Car Scrappage Scheme, which meant I got £2,100 for my old car. Which is great, since my old car set me back £1,800, when I got it 5 years ago.