Jun 202018

I really can’t believe that my car, has now done 100,000 miles! Just to think, that I’ve had him since he was born! Got him way back in 2009! Just hope, he’s still got, a good number of miles left in him yet!

100,000 miles!

Dec 312017

Driving in my 2XU A:1 Active wetsuit, well OK, I was not really driving while wearing my wetsuit! But it did make for a great title!

I took this photo, while coming up in Scotland on Saturday 23rd December 2017!

I am sure that next year, you can look forward to many, many more fun photos like this…

2XU A:1 Active wetsuit

Oct 172016

Can’t believe that, I’ve had this car since 17th October 2009! Still love my Hyundai i10 Style to bits!!

Hyundai i10 Style
Hyundai i10 Style @ A66
Hyundai i10 Style
Hyundai i10 Style
Hyundai i10 Style

Jan 252015

That’s my Hyundai i10 Style now done 59,900 miles since getting him on the 17th October 2009.


I still remember posting this photo, when he had done only 999 miles. Back in November 2009.

Dec 222014

Many of you will know, that I should have got to Scotland by now!! I was due to drive up on Sunday. But on Friday night on the way back from work, my car started to make a hell of a noise. So I took it to the local garage Saturday morning.

They took one look at it and said looks like one of the brake calipers have gone. They put it up on the ramps and trying to spin the back wheel and it just stopped!! So they told me, it was best not to drive it!

Just a new caliper cost £209! Then it needed a new break disc and pads. Then add labour to that. It came to a total of £492.62!

At least my car is back on the road. So I can now set off to Scotland in the morning. Some 48 hours later, then I was first hoping…

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