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Humax Foxsat HDR hard drive failed

Oh dear, oh dear. I have had my Humax Foxsat HDR since 28 Dec 2009. So I guess the hard drive has done well. At the time of getting it, a 320 GB hard drive in a PVR (personal video recorder) was seen has big. When I first got it. It only had one full time HD channel and that was BBC HD. Now it’s got BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4, RT HD and NHK World HD.

So the hard drive does soon fill up. When recording HD stuff. I only know, well hope it’s the hard drive that died. After reading about it on the Internet. The box started to reboot it’s self for no reason at all. It’s been doing that for a number of weeks. It gone to point, you would turn it on and it would just reboot it’s self.

Then yesterday I turned it on and it reformatted the hard drive. So pissed me off to say the least. I have now lost, years and years of TV programmes I wanted to keep. Also ones I had not gotten around to seeing.

So I have now unplugged the hard. See photo before, with it’s top off. That’s stopped the rebooting. Just means I can’t record anything with it :(.

Inside humax foxsat hdr

So today I have ordered a new 1TB hard drive for it. Which I do really hope fixes it. If not I have spent a lot on a new hard drive for no reason at all!!

Once I know, if it’s fixed it. I will post another update!! 🙂 Wish me wish!!

Thursday – 31st December 2009

Speaking about that I made it to Scotland in the end. If you watched my last vlog, you would have heard me saying I was no longer going due to the weather.

In this vlog I speak mainly about what I got for Christmas, which include the Russell Howard live dingledodies DVD, Beautiful People series 1, Depeche Mode: the best of and also a Humax Freesat+ HD box.