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The cost to run this website is going up…

The cost of running this website is going up by £2 a month! That may not sound a lot… But that is an extra £24 a year! Takes the cost up to £117 a year!

If you can help… Bank Transfer info is…

  • Sort code : 11-45-31
  • Account number : 00010861
  • Name : Gordon S Valentine
  • Bank : Halifax
  • Ref : Website2024

Even just £1 or £2! Would be great!

gordon-valentine.com Domain Name Renewed till March 2024

That’s me just renamed the gordon-valentine.com Domain Name, till March 2024! At a cost of £25 for two years. So not that bad really!

Then of course, also pay £7.95 a month for hosting. So hosting comes to £95.40 a year, plus £12.50 a year for the Domain Name. So each year, this website costs me at least £107.90 a year to run!

That’s us live on a new server!

My favourite village name, BitchfieldAbout 95% sure, that this website has moved over to another server! Still using the same host, mainly since I’ve been with them for so long! About 99% of the time, the support they give you, is second to none!

So now, let’s hope, we have much less downtime… But let’s see what happens!

Oh and here is photo, of my favourite village name, Bitchfield! 🙂

The cost of hosting is going up!

I’ve just had a email from my host, saying that the monthly cost of hosting is going up! Right now, I pay £5.95 a month, that’s going up to £7.95. But, I don’t really mind, since 34SP.com, over all gives a great service.

Right now, I get…

  • 50GB website storage space
  • Flexible shared hosting usable for multiple CMS or custom code
  • Site builder with unlimited pages
  • MySQL and PHP7 support
  • Subdomain support
  • Mercury email with 500 mailboxes, webmail, IMAP, POP
  • Advanced anti-spam features
  • SMTP outbound server as standard
  • Weekly backups
  • On-demand Snapshot backups
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL with automated renewal
  • Unlimited transfer and no page limits for standard website usage
  • 100% UK based support over email and phone 365 days a year
  • DDoS protection
  • Advanced shared hosting security
  • SSH access

I’ve looked at other hosts, many times over the year. None of them, then give me half of this stuff! Also the support staff at 34SP.com, are great!

P.S. If you do sign up, with 34SP.com, make sure you fill out the “referred by friend” and enter www.gordon-valentine.com 🙂