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Off to Scotland very SOON!!

Just in case you did not know, I am off to Scotland later! I just need to get off the computer, dressed and packed!! Then 320 miles of driving here we come!!

You can check out how the journey is going, by following me on twitter @ twitter.com/gsvalentine.

That was an amazing holiday!

That sure was an amazing holiday in Cyprus! My third time on the island. The more, I go the more I love it!

Just still hot fully use to how hot it gets, even in September. So was hotter than 28C every day. Even at night it was not much cooler.

Once I get back to England on Thursday. I will make sure, I more lots of photos to my website. Of course, I’ve already posted many to Facebook, Twitter etc…

Just hoping, if the weather is not to bad in Scotland. I get some miles in on my bike. Can’t remember the last time, I did any cycling in my adopted home country.