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Historic Scotland list : updated 18-06-2018

That’s me just updated the list of Historic Scotland sites, that I’ve been to. Since I added Carnasserie Castle during my last Scotland trip.

 Carnasserie Castle

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/scotland/carnasserie-castle/

Stopped off at Carnasserie Castle

During our drive, up to the to Crinan Canal, we stopped off at Carnasserie Castle, which is a Historic Scotland site, I had never been to before! If ever in the Lochgilphead, I would check it out, if I was you! Even better, it’s 100% free, so no need to join Historic Scotland. But, of course, I would recommend that you do!

Carnasserie Castle
Carnasserie Castle
Carnasserie Castle

Great day at Stirling Castle

I had a great day in Stirling with Neil! We both went to Stirling Castle. Got no idea, when I last went! Have a feeling it was over 10 years ago! We also went to Argyll’s Lodging, again in Stirling.

I am now really starting to get the use out of my Historic Scotland membership! 🙂

Had a great day out with my older brother!

Today Douglas (my older brother) and myself had a great day driving around parts of the Firth of Clyde. We visited Dumbarton Castle, then drove over the Erskine Bridge to Newark Castle. Then from there down to Largs.

If you’re ever in area, I would recommend both Dumbarton Castle and Newark Castle. Also glad I am making the most out of my Historic Scotland membership.

Dumbarton Castle

Newark Castle, Port Glasgow


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