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Greg James in a wetsuit, gets better and better!

The photos of Greg James in a wetsuit, just keep getting better and better! Sure this photos, you will keep some of you busy for a while!! 🙂 Oh unless he’s locked up or something!! lol 😀


Big jump in views, thanks to Greg James in a wetsuit!

This is what happens to my website stats, when I post photos of BBC Radio 1’s Greg James wearing a wetsuit to my website! Most times my website gets around 350 views a day. Due to Greg James it got 672 views yesterday.

Gordon Valentine's homepage website stats 23-01-2016

So here are the wetsuit photos again!

Greg James wetsuitGreg James wetsuit holding up bike
Greg James wetsuit saying look at me!Greg James wetsuit again!

Another Greg James wetsuit photo!

Here is another photo of Greg James wearing a wetsuit! He’s starting to grow on me!

He’s doing 5 triathlons over 5 days in 5 cities for Sport Relief. So good luck to him. I could not even do half a triathlon, never mind 5!

Greg James wetsuit again!

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