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Finished the End to End cycle 11 years ago!

Would you believe it?!?!? It was a whole 11 years ago today, that I finished doing the End to End cycle. A cycle covering 990.30 miles, which of course took me from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Even after 11 years, would still rate it has one of the best things, that I’ve ever done! Really hope, that one day, I get to it again!

Here are, just some of my favourite photos from the cycle.

Mike and myself at John O'Groats

Just after leaving the village of Glencoe on the fifth day of the End to End cycle
Clifton suspension bridge
Celebrating at Land’s End

You can check out the route, I took below:-

Glencoe to Killearn 8 years on

This time 8 years ago, I would have been cycling between Glencoe and Killearn has part of the End to End cycle! A distance of 63.84 miles, but I will let you into a secret, we only cycled has far, as the Loch Lomond Youth Hostel (now closed). Then my Dad, give leave a lift with our bikes to Killearn. The part had been, the next day to get a left back to that location. But for reasons, I am sure most of you know. That never happened!

I would still rate this day, has one of favourites. Watch this video, I filmed some years later and I am sure, you will see why!!

Please do check out the route, we took at www.strava.com/activities/445506861.

7 year ago, cycling from Glencoe to Killearn

On this day, seven years ago. I would have been cycling all the way from Glencoe to Killearn! On day five of the End to End cycle.

So a number of years, I filmed part of the same route from car! I filmed the part between Glencoe and Tyndrum.

Driving from Glencoe to Green Welly Stop (Tyndrum)

Driving along the A82 from just outside Glencoe to Green Welly Stop (Tyndrum). This is one of my favourite roads in Scotland! It also brings back, great memories of doing the End to End cycle. Since I cycled, the whole of this road!

Scotland Tour : September 2014

Neil and myself set off on a mini tour of the Scottish Highlands today. At first we were only going to drive from Killearn up to Glen Coe. A one way trip of around 80 miles. But by what point it was only around 11 miles to Fort William! So we ended up doing that also! Ended up doing, just over 200 miles by the time we got back to Killearn.

It was a great road trip! Nice lots of the road followed/went very near the West Highland Line, we kept stopping at stations along the time to get photos! Which was great fun, since I number of weeks ago, I did the line by train. Then going by train, you don’t have the time to have a good look at the stations. So was nice getting to walk around some of them.

Also loved the drive, since back in August 2009, I cycled the same route while doing the End to End cycle.

Myself at Ardlui railway station
Myself at Bridge of Orchy railway station

Myself at Upper Tyndrum railway station

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