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Had a great day with friends

I got up around 10:00am, which is very early for me. I had a shower and my Mum sorted out breakfast for me. I love my Mum to bits. Then I sorted out some stuff on my laptop, while I waited for my friend Neil from my Balfron High School days to turn up. It made a nice change unlike most of my friends he turned up on time. I like someone that is good with time keeping.

We both chatted at my place for a while. Before we set off into Glasgow using my car, to go to the Glasgow transport museum. We parked at the old museum. Since the website since it was the best place to park. Since the museum’s car park gets very busy. But when we got to museum, the car park was not very busy at all. But it was a very nice walk, so we did not mind at all. Lucky the rain stayed off, but the same could not be said about the wind.

I now what to say about the new Glasgow transport museum. It’s got both good and bad points. I like it’s location more, something very good about it being on the banks of the River Clyde. Just wish you could walk ago more of the quayside.  So now on with the inside of the museum. It’s a lot lighter inside than the old one.  But it’s also lost the feeling the old one had. I will need to go to it again, next time I am up. To fully made my mind up about it.

Oh could really say, while we were looking around the Glasgow transport museum. Our friend Jamie, also meet up with us. When then all went a nice walk into Glasgow to get something to eat. We went to The Edward Wylie, which is like my local pub up here. Since it’s the one I go to the most. The food was great has always and also had a very good catch up with Jamie and Neil at the same time.

After work we walked back to the car, which took us about 30 minutes. Also got a bit wet at the same time. Once back at the car, we drove to Ikea. Since I had not been to one in a while. Also found out that Neil had never been to one. So had to stop him being a Ikea virgin. I was a good boy and only got two things. One being a new photo frame and the other being a digital food thermometer for my Mum.

Once done at Ikea, we dropped Jamie off on route back to Killearn. Then I said my good byes to Neil. So at this point would like to say big thanks to them both for making it a great day.

Then I just spend the rest of the evening chatting to my parents about my day. Also my Mum really likes her digital food thermometer.

It was then time to playing around on the net. Mainly on facebook and twitter. I was also a bad boy and did some on-line shopping. I have sent off for the Toy Story blu-ray box set from amazon.co.uk.

So that was my fun filled day. Can’t see me doing much tomorrow at all. Since the weather is not looking to great :(.