Nov 142017

In my goal to try losing some weight, I now own some Garmin Index Smart Scale. They set me back £89.99, so far, I am more than pleased with them!

Now I just need, to try to remember, to weight myself every day and keep looking at my Garmin Connect profile. Goal is getting my weight back down to around 10.5 stone then, I will be happy again!

Garmin Index Smart Scale
Garmin Index Smart Scale

Here is today’s data off the Garmin Index Smart Scale…

Oct 292017

I am getting extra close to doing 5 million steps, since 06/10/2016!!

My total now stands at 4,986,507. So I may break the 5 million steps before the day is out!

Remember to check out my Garmin Connect profile at

Aug 292017

That’s me just set even more personal records on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve just set a new, most steps in a month! So far done 443,906 steps this month and August is not even over yet!

Also my longest goal streak now stands at 115 days!!

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