Oct 292017

I am getting extra close to doing 5 million steps, since 06/10/2016!!

My total now stands at 4,986,507. So I may break the 5 million steps before the day is out!

Remember to check out my Garmin Connect profile at connect.garmin.com/profile/gsvalentine

Aug 292017

That’s me just set even more personal records on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve just set a new, most steps in a month! So far done 443,906 steps this month and August is not even over yet!

Also my longest goal streak now stands at 115 days!!

Aug 132017

That’s me just set a new personal record on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve now set a new most steps in a day, which now stands 36,769.

So well and truly beat the record I set last Sunday of 29,403 steps.

Then I guess that is what happens, when you do a 16.2 mile walk on Cooper Day! Don’t believe me? Then check out the walk at www.strava.com/activities/1132163576.

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