May 292018

That’s me just set a new personal record on the Garmin Connect website. My most steps in a day, now stands 40,196. That’s what you get when you walk the Crinan Canal in both directions, a distance of around 20 miles!


May 032018

That’s me just got another two new badges on Garmin Connect. This time 50-Mile Ride and Climber 3 (2,000 feet during a cycling activity).

Apr 192018

That’s me got 13 new badges on Garmin Connect, since 6th April! How many more, can I get before the month is out?

Apr 062018

I am loving the new Badges that you can collect on the Garmin Connect, which is fast becoming much better than Strava!!

Feb 162018

That’s me just set a new personal record on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve now set a new most steps in a day, which now stands 37,339.

Jan 282018

Here are my distance totals between 22 Jan – 28 Jan 2018. I’ve done 37.9 miles of walking and 86 miles of cycling.

Here are some more weekly statistics from the app:-

  • 14 walks – 37.9 miles.
  • 4 cycles – 86 miles.
  • Daily average steps – 16,577.
  • Average resting heart rate – 55.
  • Average weight – 149.5 lbs.
Jan 012018

Here is my very first weight data of 2018, from my Garmin Index Smart Scale. I’ve put on a bit of weight over Christmas and New Year, then that happens to just about everyone!


Dec 172017

You can see by the data below from my Garmin Connect profile, just how ill I was!!

In the last 7 days, I only did 6.1 miles of recording walking. When most weeks, it’s around 25 to 30 miles! Also my weekly step avg, was very poor indeed!

Dec 042017

I’ve just updated my End to End cycle profile on the Garmin Connect website! Please make sure you check it out @

Nov 262017

It’s always a good idea, to set yourself some goals! Since it, can give you a reason, to get out of bed in the mornings! Also the more people you tell about them, the more likely you are to do them!

So here, are my current exercise goals on the Garmin Connect website. Please also check out my profile at

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