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FourSquare Check-ins : 01/01/2013

I have just given the FourSquare Check-ins page on this website a much needed update.

Check it out at www.gordon-valentine.com/aboutme/foursquare-check-ins/.

Below is the old version. Pre December 2012.


Below is the new version. Post January 2013.


Monday – 24th January 2011

The main thing I did today was to go out a nice long(ish) cycle. I did 19.49 miles, with a average speed of 13.1 mph, maximum speed was 31.4 mph and it took me 1:28.45 (h:m:s).

Oh I am also in the process of playing around with foursquare, check out my profile at http://foursquare.com/gsvalentine.

In other news I now have 100 fans on facebook, so big thanks to everyone!!! xx

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