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Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal – Day 1

Turns out while in Scotland, I’ve stared walking anther canal without really meaning too. This time, The Union Canal (Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal).

So far, I’ve (along with Nick and Neil) walked from the very start, which is close to the Falkirk Wheel to Polmont. A distance of 9.58 miles.

Check out the route, we took over at www.strava.com/activities/2441792248

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/canals/edinburgh-and-glasgow-union-canal/

Falkirk Wheel, Blackness Castle and Forth Bridge

Neil joined us again for the last full day of Nick’s and myself mini tour of Scotland! Today we went to the Falkirk Wheel, Blackness Castle, Forth (Rail) Bridge and also walked half way over the Forth Road Bridge.

You would not believe that all these photos have been taken on the same day! When walking on the Forth Road Bridge, it was that wet, even my underwear was wet right thought!

Falkirk Wheel, The Kelpies and The Forth Bridge

Yet another fun filled day in Scotland. Today along with Neil and Jamie (thanks to Jamie for driving), we went to see The Falkirk Wheel, The Kelpies and The Forth Bridge. Neil and myself have both seen the Falkirk Wheel before. It was James first time! Then we drove to see The Kelpies. I really liked them. Don’t think Jamie and Neil was a fun of them.

Then we drove down the M9 to South Queensferry. So we could go and look at The Forth Bridge. In all my years of living in Scotland, I have never been The Forth Bridge. Been on the road bridge near to it. But till now, never been right next to it! Till today that is!

We also had a very nice meal while at South Queensferry at a place called The Railbridge Bistro. If you are ever in the area and looking for somewhere to eat. I would check it out!

 Forth Bridge

I had so much fun in Scotland, already making a list of places and things, I want to do when I am next up!

More photos from my Scotland, October 2012 visit

Here are some more photos from my Scotland, October 2012 visit. Big thanks to my friend Neil for taken these photos!

Myself at Falkirk Wheel

Myself at Falkirk Wheel

Thieves Pot, Stirling

Falkirk Wheel 2012 visit

Here are some photos taken of the Falkirk Wheel during my October 2012 visit. To find out more about the Falkirk Wheel visit their website at www.thefalkirkwheel.co.uk.

Falkirk Wheel
Falkirk Wheel
Falkirk Wheel

The full set of these photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/falkirk-wheel/.