Dec 042017

I’ve just updated my End to End cycle profile on the Garmin Connect website! Please make sure you check it out @

Oct 312017

Since it’s getting to the time of year, that I start doing less cycling. Due to it being colder and getting less daylight. I’ve been looking at the data again from the End to End cycle. that I did back in August 2009.

I am still really hoping to do it again in 2019! But we will see what happens!

Oct 182017

That’s me just setup a new account on Instagram to with my website!

Please follow it over at

Aug 242017

Today 8 years ago, was the last day of End to End cycle! Even to this day, still can’t believe I did it! Try cycling for an average of 66 miles, every day for 15 days in a row and still how you feel! The total distance was 990.30 miles! Which took me 85 hours 22 minutes 40 seconds!

Somewhere on the last day of the End to End cycle
Celebrating at Land’s End
Celebrating at Land’s End

Aug 232017

This time 8 years ago, I would have been cycling between Okehampton to Perranporth, the second last day of the End to End cycle! A distance of 75.17 miles.

I will leave you will a map of the route and some photos…

End to End cycle (JOGLE) 2009 - Day 15

Aug 132017

This time 8 years ago, I would have been cycling between Glencoe and Killearn has part of the End to End cycle! A distance of 63.84 miles, but I will let you into a secret, we only cycled has far, as the Loch Lomond Youth Hostel (now closed). Then my Dad, give leave a lift with our bikes to Killearn. The part had been, the next day to get a left back to that location. But for reasons, I am sure most of you know. That never happened!

I would still rate this day, has one of favourites. Watch this video, I filmed some years later and I am sure, you will see why!!

Please do check out the route, we took at

Aug 122017

This time 8 years ago, I would have been cycling between Loch Ness and Glencoe! A distance of 58.3 miles with a elevation gain of 761 metres.

For some reason, not sure why, don’t have a single photo from this day! Maybe it was raining, which it did do a hell of a lot during the cycle!

But of course, you can still check out the route, I took at


Aug 122017

It’s 100% official, I am doing the End to End cycle again in 2019! I’ve also, already talked someone into joining me!!!

Aug 112017

This time, 8 years ago I would have been cycling from Carbisdale Castle to Loch Ness. A distance of 63.1 miles. Of course, next time I do the cycle, really need to make sure that I take many more photos!

You can check route between we took between Carbisdale Castle to Loch Ness @

Aug 102017

WOW! I can’t believe that 8 years ago today, I was well into the second day of the JOGLE cycle. More information about the cycle can be found at

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