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Passed my driving test 16 years ago!!

WOW! I passed my driving test 16 years ago today! I was very late starting, did not start learning till I was 23 and passed when I was 24! But most people, now learn the second they turn 17. Back then, I had no interest at learning at all! When I was 17, I was way, way to busy coming out and going out on the LGBT scene in Glasgow!

During them 16 years. Only owned two cars, the first being a Seat Ibiza Hatchback 1.4 SXE 5. Then my current car, which is Hyundai i10 Style, which I got back in 2009.

O'Neill Gooru 2/1 Shorti
Orca speedsuit
Stopped while driving back to England
Myself at Old Hunstanton

Thursday – 20th January 2005

I can’t believe it. It was a year ago today that I passed my driving test. Even now I still can’t believe that I passed it first time. So once again I would like to say a VERY big thank-you to Phil my driving instructor.

Since passed, I have drove to Cromer (100 miles), Glasgow (300 miles), Grantham (16 miles), Lincoln (40 miles), Nottingham (40 miles), Peterborough (20 miles), Rugby (55 miles), Stamford (7 miles) and lots of other places. The miles after each of the place names shows how far they are from Little Bytham.

Since getting my Seat Ibiza at the end of October last year. I have already done over 3,400 miles in her. Now that I am 100% sure to driving her, so is a great day to drive. I can see myself in the future buying a lot more Seat cars. But I will get a good number of years out of this one, till I need to think about getting a new car.

I passed my driving test!!

I passed my driving test today! I was sure that I had failed it, before I even got out of the test centre car park. Because I was asked to do a reverse park. The first that I missed the car parking space big time. So I did it again, even the second time, I am sure that I was not in it. But I much have been, or she would have said something at the end of the test.

Then not long after leaving the centre, when I got to the first set of traffic lights, what did I do but still the car. At this point I was ready to give up!! I was more then sure that I had already failed it.

Then I had to do a reverse around a corner. Which yes you guessed it, I could not even do that one right. The first time I did it, I hit the kerb. But lucky when I did it again, I got it right.

But lucky my normal driving was not 2 bad. In total I got 10 driving faults. But I passed it, so that’s the main thing.