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My main highlights of 2021…

Here are my main highlights from 2021 so far… Overall been a great year!

Mark G, Cooper and myself at Berney Arms railway station

  • Got a new job, after being out work since September 2020 (Lost that after just 3 months).
  • Got to see my friend Mark T for first time, in a long time!
  • Got to see my Mum, Dad and brother Douglas for first time, since January 2020.
  • Walked around Rutland Water, with Emilie.
  • Got another new job…. Which I am still doing now and LOVING IT!
  • Walked a total of 1,000 miles, yet again!
  • Ticked off Berney Arms railway station, which has been on list to do for a long time!
  • Went up to Scotland! Was great seeing the rest of my family and catching up with Neil!
  • Did the Borders Railway Line (Ticked off each and every station on the line!)
  • Cycled just over 3,000 miles!

Sure, I will have missed many off! Just been a super busy year!

Been great seeing the family after 18 months!

Been great getting to travel again and of course, been even better getting to see my family for first time in over 18 months! Longest time, I’ve not seen any of them since the day I was born!

Here are some photos, from Clumber Park Lodges, Dover Castle, London etc…

Douglas and myself on the way to London

Myself at Dover Castle

Outside Buckingham Palace

First time in a hot tub

Great fun at Clumber Park Lodges

Great fun at Clumber Park Lodges

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/me/2021/

Fun day out in Ayr

That turned out to be a great day out in Ayr, in Scotland! Sure I’ve been before at some point, but I would like to say it was well over 20 years ago. I really do need to get back again in the summer!



For more photos head over to www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/days-out/02-01-2019/

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