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gordon-valentine.com Domain Name Renewed till March 2024

That’s me just renamed the gordon-valentine.com Domain Name, till March 2024! At a cost of £25 for two years. So not that bad really!

Then of course, also pay £7.95 a month for hosting. So hosting comes to £95.40 a year, plus £12.50 a year for the Domain Name. So each year, this website costs me at least £107.90 a year to run!

Just renewed gordon-valentine.com

That’s me just renewed the domain name for this website for another 3 years. At a cost of £46.96 and that’s with a 10% off. Can’t believe that when I need to renew it again, I will be 35!!! And to think that this website has been on the go since I was 16!!

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