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Another great walk with Cooper!

Yet another great walk with Cooper! He’s really the love of my life! Plus for once, I got him to stay still and got a photo with him!

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Back in October 2009 we got Bear!

Can’t believe that it was way back in 2009, we picked up bear from Wood Green. We was a great great part of my life between 14th October 2009 and 19th June 2013. Before we went off to heaven to join, Jimmy and Pebbles.

Bear out his first walk

Video: Cooper goes swimming

Funny when we first got Cooper, just over a year ago. He would not go anywhere near water. Now he jumps in and goes swimming!

BTW This is the first ever video filmed, using my Garmin VIRB Elite action camera. That I got on Tuesday from Evans Cycles.

Great photo of Cooper

I am sure that most of you will know. That we (meaning Mark G and myself) got a new dog called Cooper from Wood Green Animal Shelters a number of weeks back. Well here is my favourite photo of him so far! 🙂


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