May 252018

It’s my last full day here in Cyprus. Not that I mind, starting to look forward to getting home and getting out cycling again!

May 162018

Having a great time here in Cyprus so far!

Apr 302018

It’s not long at all again, till I go back to Cyprus!! So here are some photos from my previous trips…


Many more photos can be seen @

Oct 062017

Now I am back in England it’s time to sort out, the many, many, photos I took while in Cyprus!

So here are some of myself wearing, my Zone3 Aquaflo Tri shorts!!

Sep 292017

First Lycra photo, since turning 38!! Do I look any older???

First Lycra photo, since turning 38!!

Sep 252017

Had so much doing a Jeep Safari today with my older brother Douglas. Will post more about it once back in the UK!

Sep 232017

That was a great sightseeing tour! It’s a great way to see lots of Cyprus! Also helps make me feel young! Since I was by far the youngest person on the tour!

Sep 252016

That sure was an amazing holiday in Cyprus! My third time on the island. The more, I go the more I love it!

Just still hot fully use to how hot it gets, even in September. So was hotter than 28C every day. Even at night it was not much cooler.

Once I get back to England on Thursday. I will make sure, I more lots of photos to my website. Of course, I’ve already posted many to Facebook, Twitter etc…

Just hoping, if the weather is not to bad in Scotland. I get some miles in on my bike. Can’t remember the last time, I did any cycling in my adopted home country.

Sep 242016

That’s my holiday in Cyprus just about officially over. Just now waiting for the taxi to pick us up 🙁

Sep 232016

Here are two things I will not miss once I get back home!

Sleeping in a single sized bed! Lost count of the number of times I’ve just about falling out of it!

Of course the main thing, I will not miss. Is having to put toilet paper in the bin, instead of down the loo…

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