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Saturday – 17th December 2005

I was very happy when the post came. As I my Shimano M180 cycling shoes that I ordered from Chain Reaction Cycles only yesterday (Friday). They cost me £59.99, full price they would be £79.95, so I made a saving of 25%.

Then I got them out the box it take me a while, to work out how to open the bit where the yellow clips to get them on. I even looked at the manual. Yes they have a manual. I don’t think that I have ever had shoes before that have come with a manual.

Now I have them, I just have to think what pedals I am going to get for them.

Other then getting my new cycling shoes, it was a normal Saturday really. I of course chatted to my boyfriend Rob. And showed him my new shores, using my webcam. He thinks they look nice. He can’t wait to see me in them. And before you start, to worry Rob and myself don’t have a thing about shoes.

Then in the evening I was of course working at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. I had a very busy night indeed. Anyone would think it’s getting near to Christmas :). They sold 113 bottles of wine coming to £1,252.25. Which meant a very busy night for me, since I am the one who looks after the wine. If you ask me, it’s better being busy. Then having nothing at all to do. It makes the night go so much faster.

Once I got back from work I chatted to my boyfriend Rob for a while. Before going off-line to watched Casualty, that I had recorded while I was at work. It was of course very good indeed. As it normally is.

Then after that I tuned off my PC and laptop for the night and went to bed at about 2:00am.