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My active goals on the Garmin Connect website

It’s always a good idea, to set yourself some goals! Since it, can give you a reason, to get out of bed in the mornings! Also the more people you tell about them, the more likely you are to do them!

So here, are my current exercise goals on the Garmin Connect website. Please also check out my profile at connect.garmin.com/profile/gsvalentine.

Cycle goals for 2012

Last year my main cycling goal was to do 5,000 miles. Which I am pleased to say I did. This year I have set myself lots of smaller goals.

Here is a list of them. I am sure this list will just grow and grow.

  • Cycle at least 4,500 miles this year.
  • Do at least two 100 mile bike rides.
  • Aim for a 125 mile one.
  • Set off on a cycle every hour between 9am and 11pm.
  • Beat every months longest cycle, that I set last year.
  • Do the Rest and Be Thankful road (A83) in Scotland.

If you have set any cycling goals this year, I would love to hear about them. Add your comments to this post PLEASE :).

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