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My favourite photos : Jul – Dec 2012

Below are my favourite photos from each month between July and December 2012. Why not pick your own and let me know which ones like, by commenting below.

RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit

Wetsuit cycling

All dressed up for the Wedding

My hotel room in The National Piping Centre

Kieran and myself

Adidas full body suit

OMG check this out video

OMG check out this video from Craig and Alison’s Wedding that I went to last Saturday. After the crap night I had at work, finding this on the net really make me smile again. And cry, but in the good way.

Middle of October’s 2012 most popular photos

Below are the top three most looked at photos on this website so far during October 2012.

Number 1 (288 views) : Burghley Estate

Number 2 (271 views) : RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit

Number 3 (162 views) : All dressed up for the Wedding

Yet even more Cyprus photos!

Here are yet even more photos from my time in Cyprus. Just got these photos off my Mum and Dad’s camera. Hope you all like them. Looking forward to reading your comments about them.

Even more photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/page/search/tags/Paphos+-+Sep+2012.

Paphos Castle

Myself in Paphos

Swimming in the pool

All dressed up for the Wedding

Road down to the apartment

First lot of Cyprus photos! :)

I had so much fun in Paphos, Cyprus! Can’t wait to go back again!! Here are the first lot of photos. I will post more in the coming days and weeks. They are so many photos. Just next to none of myself on my camera. So need to now wait for people to start emailing me photos, that they have of me!

Mum, Dad and myself in Paphos

Craig and myself on the way to the Wedding

The apartment’s swimming pool

Had a great time seeing my brother

I went to Glasgow to see my younger brother Craig and his girlfriend Alison. I think I did very well indeed to place there flat. I did have my Dads car sat nav with me. But it was no help at all, since my Dad likes to get our names mixed up, so when I told it, to check me to Craig’s it had the address for Douglas on it. So I then went looking for Douglas’ address on it, hoping it would then have Craig’s on it. But no, that would have been, way, to easy.

Lucky I had been a number of times before. But never driven there before myself without a sat nav. But lucky for me if I go somewhere, two or the times, I can find the place. You also have to remember that Glasgow is one the biggest cites in the UK. They live on the side, of the city, I next to never been 2. Till they both moved there.

But even without a sat nav I still got there just about on time. Once there we all went out a nice walk and also called in a place called Church on the Hill to get some food. Now to do a mini review of the place. But of all, it’s a very nice pub inside. Lots of places to seat down, to drink and eat. But there on it, can’t say much good about the place. We ordered food at the bar, but then had to wait for 30 minutes to 45 minutes to get it.  Which if you ask me, is way, way to long to be waiting for food. But at least once the food did turn up, it was very nice indeed. I am sure I would go again, just hope the service is better, or I would never go again.

Then after the meal, we then went a walk around a Queen Park, and all had a good chat. Then it was back to there flat, for while and more chatting. Before I went back home. Lucky the drive back is nice and easy, just had to follow the signs for the tunnel.

So thanks to Alison and Craig for having me :).