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Happy National Spider-Man Day 2021

Happy National Spider-Man Day 2021. Well, I think it’s more of a America thing… but if, it gives me a reason to post Spider-Man photos, that can only be a good thing? RIGHT!

Spiderman at Stainmore Summit

Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit

Double Spider-Man fun!

Double Spider-Man fun!

Many more photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/spider-man/

Favourite photos from August 2020

Here are my favourite 5 photos from August 2020! I had 59 to choose from, they are not in any order!

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018
Hull Train at Grantham railway station
Double Spider-Man fun! 
Double Spider-Man fun!
Matt in my straitjacket

Which is your favourite? Check out all my photos, from August 2020 at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/page/archive/2020-08/

Double Spider-Man fun!

Well got to say, had a great number of days with Matt so far! Knowing him for a good number of years, but only met up, twice so far! Got to say, us both wearing Spider-Man suits, was so much fun!

Double Spider-Man fun!
Double Spider-Man fun!

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/gordon-matt/

YouTube comments are not showing up!

No idea why, but the comments are not showing up on my newest YouTube video! Right now it’s only showing two comments, but had emails from YouTube saying it’s had more!

So here are some of ones, it’s not showing:-

paul kent commented: “You can probably make a claim on your house insurance, or bank account insurance pack. Or even your bike insurance.”

Rick Barkley commented: “Looking hot in your spiderman suite.”

maxi Purainer commented: “Nice 👌 can you next time put the Mask on?”

Stephen Graham commented: “Your video camera is still going strong! You look great in that Spidey suit.”

Vlog: Thanks wind! I now need a new camera!

Thanks wind! I now need a new camera! I was in the middle of doing new photos, when the wind blow my tripod over, with my camera on it! Let’s just say, it’s had better days!

I was a bad Spider-Man

I was being a bad Spider-Man, so I was locked in my collar, along with the pup hood, then put in Clejuso handcuffs!!

Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit
Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit + pup hood
Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit + pup hood

Even more photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/spider-man-homecoming-morphsuit/

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