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CityLink (ShittyLink) was 6 days late!!

After paying for next day delivery, which I am sure means the next day! Not 6 days later like it took City Link.

Below the tracking history from there website. The one dated 14/12/2012. Really pissed me off, since they did not come. I was in all day and so was next door. And of course no card was left.

It’s here at long last. Which is the main thing, I guess!

Citylink tracking histor (13-12-12 to 20-12-12)

Why are CityLink (ShittyLink) so shit??

City LinkWhy are City Link so crap? When you order something and pay for next day delivery that should mean next day!

I ordered my item on Thursday. City Link’s online tracking system, said I would get it Friday. Then later that day it said “There was no one to receive the goods at the delivery point so a card was left.” Which is a lot of crap. No card was left and I was in all day.

Then I phoned up on Monday, to ask when I would be getting it. I was told Tuesday. Since they had no drivers for my area on Monday. By this point, I was starting to get pissed off.

Then on Tuesday, I was told it would turn up for sure. Then at 6:50pm GMT the website said “These goods are in our network.” Meaning the driver, wanted to go home.

Brings on to today (Wednesday). I have yet again been told. I will get it. It’s now gone 3:00pm. Meaning I have to leave for work in the next 2 hours. Will it turn up?? I very much doubt it!!!

And also had this email from them today.

“Dear Mr. Gordon Valentine,

Thank you for contacting us.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve yet to receive your consignment however, I am pleased to tell you that your goods have been loaded onto a van this morning. I am afraid that I can’t give you an estimated time of delivery, other than to say it will be today.

If there’s anything else I can help you with, please do contact me.

Once again, thank you for contacting us and please rest assured that your package will be safely with you shortly.

Kind regards”

Today… I doubt that, been told that so many fucking times this week.

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