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“I Woke Up Gay” on BBC Three and BBC HD

Tonight on BBC Three in the UK, there is a documentary on called “I Woke Up Gay”.

It’s about Chris Birch was a typical, burly, rugby playing lad with a girlfriend and a job in a bank, but after a stroke everything changed. Today Chris looks different, sounds different and has a completely different life – he is a gay, image conscious hairdresser interested in fashion and interior decor. Chris has lost touch with some former friends and family and cannot recall many of the details of his life before the stroke. This film follows Chris as he gets to grips with his new life and his new personality, tries to discover who he used to be and attempts to build bridges with some of the people he has lost touch with.

Should be a good watch. It’s on BBC Three tonight at 9pm. It’s also on BBC HD later at 12:30am. So make you set your PVRs to record it, if you can’t watch it live. It will of course, also be on the BBC iPlayer.

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