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I’ve now walked the following canals

I’ve walked the full length of the following canals:-

Poll: Which canal to cycle/walk next?

I’ve still got a long way till, the end of the Grand Union Canal. But I am already thinking, which canal should I take on next!

So far I’ve done:-

So which of these, ones do you think, I should take on next?

Which canal to cycle/walk next?

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#walk1000miles 2018 ✅

So, so pleased with myself! I can safely say, I’ve done #walk1000miles! I only had to do 12 miles today, so reach to it! I ended up doing 17.25 miles.

Also did the third and last day of walking the whole of the Chesterfield Canal. A distance of 46 miles from Chesterfield to the River Tent. More on this soon…

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