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My type of on-line shopping!!

WOW! This video has just about everything I love! A very sexy lad in rubber and bondage! Also hope he’s locked in a chastity device! I know, I should have been while watching this video!!

Do check him out at twitter.com/JESSEINGEAR/. You need to be at least 18, to click on that link!

WOW! What’s this!?!? My second cycle this month!!

WOW! What’s this!?!? My second cycle this month!! Just 12.38 miles this time. But that still takes my total for the month to 33.2 miles! So, like 15.2 miles up, on whole of March in just two cycles!

You can check out the route at www.strava.com/activities/8872161252

Had been hoping to take more photos during the cycle, but the rain put a stop to that!

Synergy Navy Cycling Skinsuit

When I got back from the cycle, I did not want to take the Lycra off! Since, OMG tight Lycra feels so good! 😈 I’ve never worked out, how pro cyclists are not turned on the whole time! I would be, seeing all them other sexy lads in Lycra! I would need him locking up or something… LOL!

Synergy Navy Cycling Skinsuit