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Dispatching soon?

Wish the order for my SONY HDR-CX570E High Definition Camcorder and Sandisk 32GB Secure Digital SD Card would hurry up. I ordered them both on Wednesday, 7th March 20012. They are have still both to get dispatched. I mean how long does it take someone to find them in the warehouse and put them in the post?

Just ordered a Sony HDR-CX570E HD camcorder

Some great news for the website, but not so good for my bank account. I have just gone and ordered a Sony HDR-CX570E HD camcorder. Which has set me back, £515.17.

In the next number of weeks you can all look forward to some HD vlogs on my YouTube channel @ www.youtube.com/gsvalentine.

If you have any ideas for new vlogs then let me KNOW! One thing, I know for sure, I will be wearing Lycra or a wetsuit :).

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