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Happy National #GetOutsideDay 2022!!

Since it’s National #GetOutsideDay. What a better time, to post some of my favourite outdoors photos from 2022, so far! Whether it be, cycling, walking or even being helpless in bondage gear! I love being outdoors!

Bondage walk

Bugsy at Foxton Locks

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

Myself at Loch Awe Railway Bridge

Walking The Monsal Trail

Love these photos? Many more at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/me/2022/

4 mile walk in Belly Chain (bondage walk)!

I’ve been a walk locked in a Belly Chain before… Think last time, was maybe for 2 miles! This time, I went and did 4.14 miles! Go guessing next time, I will need to goal for 6 miles!

Oh and it was so fun walking around like that! Had at least 15 people walk past! Did they notice a thing, NOPE!

Belly Chain

Belly Chain