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My blu-ray collection keeps growing

My blu-ray collection keeps growing. I have worked out if you add all the discs up together, I now have 61 of them. I have another two on the way, I am waiting for Beautiful People – Series 1 & 2 to turn on. I already have them on DVD. But they are so good, want to own the blu-ray versions.

If you have never heard of Beautiful People then check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beautiful_People_(UK_TV_series).

Thursday – 31st December 2009

Speaking about that I made it to Scotland in the end. If you watched my last vlog, you would have heard me saying I was no longer going due to the weather.

In this vlog I speak mainly about what I got for Christmas, which include the Russell Howard live dingledodies DVD, Beautiful People series 1, Depeche Mode: the best of and also a Humax Freesat+ HD box.