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UK TV programmes to watch this week : 23/09/2023

Badgers: Their Secret Worlds (Channel 5/HD | 7:00pm to 7:55pm | Wednesday 27th September 2023) ** NEW SERIES **

Part one of two. Steve Backshall reveals the secret lives of badgers in the UK, with hidden cameras following their every move both inside and outside of their badger setts. In the Gloucestershire countryside, Steve has a wonderful wild badger encounter, and later, a young cub recovers from a terrible injury at a rescue centre.

Celebrity Race Across the World (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Wednesday 27th September 2023) ** PICK OF THE WEEK **

Mel Blatt and her mother Helene get a head start as the celebrities head to the second checkpoint in Bonifacio on the island of Corsica. Weatherman Alex Beresford, who is competing with his father Noel, is determined to finish ahead of racing pundit Billy Monger and his sister Bonny who narrowly beat them to the first checkpoint while drummer Harry Judd and his mum Emma just want to get out of last place.

Badgers: Their Secret Worlds (Channel 5/HD | 7:00pm to 7:55pm | Thursday 28th September 2023)

Part two of two. Cameras continue to follow the Bluebell badgers, watching the cubs head out on an adventure for the first time. Deep in the specially rigged sett, the life of Peggy and her cubs continues to captivate – the youngsters are growing up fast and are becoming a handful.

Saving Lives at Sea (BBC 2/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Thursday 28th September 2023) ** NEW SERIES **

Training to Save Lives. Series 8, episode 1.  In Calshot, the crew’s medical training is tested to the limit as they respond to a young man who has lost consciousness in a jetski accident. Jon, the full-time coxswain at Dover, needs all of his experience to rescue two anglers who are in danger of being washed off a pier.

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